our vision

To inspire and empower every client, employee and partner to be great at doing good, contributing towards the creation of a mission-driven economy in the world.

our mission

We achieve the above vision by:

  • Delivering the highest-quality business consulting services with unwavering integrity and authenticity, to help our clients succeed and scale their social impact while being financially sustainable;
  • Hiring employees and working with partners who are highly capable and at the same time truly passionate about delivering social impact; and
  • Sharing why and how we do what we do with a wide audience to inspire more and more people to join this movement to co-create a mission-driven economy

our core values

  • Purpose-driven
    Everything that we do is about maximizing social impact in a sustainable way
  • Authenticity
    Develop self-awareness by reflecting on the intention behind everything that we do and say, because only then can we stay true to the vision, do our best work, and grow ourselves at the same time
  • Integrity & trustworthiness
    Because without these we would just be frauds
  • Diversity
    We believe in the strength in diversity, as it demands us to really listen and learn from different perspectives, which in turn can spark immense creativity
  • Respect
    Give space to everyone to voice their viewpoints, listen attentively, respond instead of react, and treat everyone fairly
  • Continuous Learning
    Never stop learning, for ourselves and for our clients, so that we are the best we can be at all times

our name

"Citta" is an ancient Sanskrit word that means "the mind as associated with the heart." It signifies our combined strengths and commit­ment of "intellect + passion" - we are committed to providing the highest level of intellectual pursuit to solving our clients' challenges and to do so with a strong sense of passion and belief that together, we can make this world a better place for all.