Which certification is right for your business?

If you are an Illinois-based company and are looking to get your business certified as Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, or any other type of certification that prove you are at an inherent disadvantage in the market place, you are likely to get very confused as to which certification is the best one to have. There are business certifications issued by the Federal, State, City, and even County governments. And not all of these certifications are recognized by all government agencies in all service areas. It can get really expensive and time-consuming trying to obtain more than one certification. So which ones are the magic badges that will get you the most business opportunities?

The Business Certification Matrix (created by IHCC) will help you find the answer!
Click on the picture below to download the PDF file

Big thank you to the folks at The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) for putting the matrix together, and posting it online to share. It was a huge time saver for us at CiTTA when we were preparing for our Illinois MBE certification application.

NOTE: We can no longer find an active URL for this matrix on the IHCC website, so we are hosting the file here on CiTTA’s blog for folks to download. If anyone knows how to link back to the original copy, please leave us a comment and we will direct the link back to the original author’s website ASAP.

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