Experience from the Chicago Climate Action Plan

About a year ago, Belinda delivered a seminar at the Chicago Center of Green Technologies (CCGT), entitled Creating and Sustaining an Environmental Action Plan: Experience from the Chicago Climate Action Plan. It was part of the Green Tech U seminar series offered by CCGT to provide educational resources in green technology.

Belinda was the Program Manager of The Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP). Since its inception in 2008, the CCAP has served as a road-map to Chicago’s City government agencies, as well as the city’s community, business and civic leaders in guiding them through systematic, organized actions to transform Chicago into an environmentally sustainable city.

In her seminar, Belinda shared the critical components in the CCAP, and discussed how we can use it as a blueprint to develop practical plans that would engage stakeholders, such as local community members or employees at work, and motivate them to take actions to create a more eco-friendly community or workplace. We are posting the entire presentation here as a PDF file to share with everyone – just click on the picture above to view it. Hope you find this helpful.


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