Engaging Co-Workers in “Greening” the Office

On May 28, Belinda was invited to be a guest speaker at the University of Chicago Graham School’s Leadership in Sustainability Management Certification class. Because of her previous experiences in forming and leading green teams at offices, and participation in the Chicago Green Office Challenge (GOC), Belinda was asked to speak on the topic of “Engaging Co-Workers in ‘Greening’ the Office.” In the presentation, she included examples of actions that she and her teams took to green their offices, and highlighted what she learned in terms of best practices and potential challenges for a green team leader:

  • Identify and recruit fellow “green champions” at all levels – it’s hard to do it alone
  • Have a “green plan”, with: actions, metrics, goals, timeline, owners
  • Communicate the “why” to get buy-in from decision-makers for your green team
  • Kick-off to ALL staff, so everyone is informed about the greening direction in the office
  • Greening actions – some will be visible, some will (or best) not
  • Make greening fun!
  • Keep the green talks going: communicate progress regularly, provide green tips, etc.
  • Pick your battles!

To download the entire presentation as a PDF file, just click on the picture below on the left. The picture below on the right links to the Appendix that shows sample quarterly milestones matrices for a Green Office Challenge plan. Hope you find these useful.

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