3 Ways Meditation Benefits Your Enterprise

Regular meditation may cultivate strengths for your social enterprise.

You’ve got back-to-back meetings on your calendar, deadlines to meet, and people whose lives you want to change for the better. When daily life is pushing you to go, go, go, it may be hard to imagine the benefits of what meditation asks you to do: stop for a while. Sit still.

Yet there is a growing body of evidence to demonstrate that if you do, you will actually experience reduced stress and increased productivity. There are countless examples of how meditation and mindfulness are being incorporated into business.  In honor of National Meditation Month, here are three benefits of meditation for those in business:

Increased clarity and creativity

Sitting meditation is one way to learn how to work with your mind. When you practice sitting with nothing to do but notice the thoughts and emotions that come up, you may start to tap into some deep insights. For example, do you start to see any patterns or habits of thought that are judgmental or limiting? What happens if you try to let those go?

With practice, you may find this makes room for seeing things more clearly. And clarity of vision is a real advantage for those trying to make decisions that delineate brands, reach various target audiences, maximize profits, and more. With so much to balance, clear awareness curbs distractions and sharpens your focus. Letting go of judgment and limitations allows you to be receptive to new ideas, solutions, and direction for your enterprise.

Building resilience and being open to change

Speaking of those judgments and limitations, sitting still with them isn’t necessarily going to feel comfortable. Our thoughts vary from the pleasant to the downright painful. Without the distraction of your to-do-list or a social media feed to scroll, you’ll observe what it’s like to sit silently through these states. Meditation may allow you to appreciate the range of experience and to notice that you do have the strength to stay open to it all.

What does this have to do with business? No matter how well you research the market or plan for contingencies, the truth is things change. The way you rolled out your service or product one year may be a complete no-go the next. The stakes are high – and so are the emotions that go with it. Yet meditation actually strengthens emotional regulation. If you have the regular practice of sitting through intensity and change in your own mind, you can actually build your resilience. This translates into the ability to cope successfully with the ups and downs that come your way in the marketplace.

Staying true to your mission through mindfulness

Yes, mindfulness has become something of a buzzword – and an industry in its own right. So what does it mean to unpack mindfulness for your business?

One definition of mindfulness meditation is the ability to focus your awareness on the present moment. With practice staying grounded in the present, it also means the ability to reflect on the intention of your words and actions.  

As an entrepreneur, you probably have clearly delineated values and goals – and the intention behind them is to serve your overall mission. The more you can stay in each moment to reflect on whether what you’re doing and saying serves your purpose, the more impact you can truly have. Meditation is one way to cultivate that kind of mindfulness throughout your enterprise.

Are you cultivating change?

Clarity, creativity, resilience, and mindfulness are just a few of the things we’re reflecting on throughout National Meditation Month. What’s more, we believe these traits are especially relevant for those in social enterprise. It takes tremendous dedication and drive to commit to not just bigger profits, but sustainable environmental and social impact as well.

Clarity of vision and creativity go hand-in-hand in maximizing that triple bottom-line. And resilience and mindfulness ensure that chasing earned revenue streams won’t steer you away from your original mission. In fact, truly engaging mindfulness means enhancing that mission every step of the way.

At CiTTA, this is truly a topic close to our hearts and minds – and business practice!
What are you cultivating this month? We’d love to hear more!