A world where no one is held back…

CiTTA envisions a world where purpose-driven organizations are no longer held back by a lack of resources and scalability, but are equipped with the right strategy, plan and tools so that they can implement their ideas and grow their social impact.

Our Mission

The world needs the good work that you’re doing.
Let us help make you even greater.

We empower leaders of purpose-driven organizations to implement their ideas and scale their social impact in a financially sustainable way, by providing them with a clear strategy for growth, market research to drive data-driven decisions, and a business model that is actionable and mission-focused.

We are a consulting firm specialized in helping nonprofits add new revenue streams through social enterprise business activities and guiding purpose-driven businesses with their go-to market strategies and implementation plans.

Our Core Values

Passionate about your people and your cause.

The vision that you have, the social impact that you have accomplished so far, and the people involved at every level of your organization are just as important to us as they are to you. We strive to become true partners with our clients, working alongside you to cultivate a relationship that is built upon shared values.

Committed to moving the needle with you.

When working with organizations, we know that new levels of growth are needed so you can keep on doing the great work that you do. That’s why we are problem-solvers and solution-seekers committed to taking your ideas and turning them into actionable plans that move the needle.

Innovative ideas balanced with sound strategy.

We have deep knowledge and expertise in social impact consulting and social enterprise business models. Yet we never get stuck with fixed ideas. Instead, we listen to all voices to suggest a path forward that is innovative, financially sound and mission-focused.

Collaboration, diversity, inclusiveness is true power.

We know this from research, but also from our experience working with leaders across sectors, development stages, budget sizes and project types. We collaborate with many diverse consulting partners to drive our growth and capability to manage larger projects. We believe in sharing in the power, potential and profits of our work with our partners, and leveraging their lived experiences to deliver the most impactful solutions.

Our Approach


Innovation and social impact begin and end with people. That’s why the core of our work is grounded in the relationship we have with our clients. We start every project by getting to know our partners and their causes intimately, and we listen to all the voices at the table. 


Your organization already has a high level of expertise and a solid vision for where you want to go. We don’t come in to “fix” you; instead, we work alongside you and help you build upon your strengths by identifying how to best move forward with the right clarity, strategy and plan for implementation.


There is no room for guessing when you have livelihoods and major social or environmental issues on the line. We use rigorous methods to ensure that the path forward we select together is one based on fact-based market research, sound business modeling and well laid-out planning that fit with all of your organization’s goals. 


You know better than we do that dreaming around a table doesn’t create change. That’s why we have a high level of bias towards actionable strategies that lay out how your organization will implement the plan.