Do more good with the right strategy, planning, and resources.

You see the problems in the world and are passionate about creating long-lasting social impact, to improve lives in a tangible way. You lead a purpose-driven organization that is making this world a better place every day. But you know you can do even more with the right kind of support…

You have come to the right place!

We share the same values as you. We have empowered many leaders like you to maximize their organizations’ potential, going from good to great. And we have guided them to do so in a financially sustainable way.

We Can Help

Through our disciplined and strategic process, and a data-driven approach, you will be able to zoom in on a clear path forward. It will be bold while informed by market reality. It will be actionable and sustainable, guiding you and your team to the next level of impact.

Strategy & Business Modeling

New initiatives require a sound strategy and business model to carefully guide its launch and growth, to maximize its chances of success and to give potential investors/donors the confidence to fund the idea. CiTTA has deep expertise in developing market-driven, comprehensive growth strategies and business models that assess all facets of a business launch and growth path, including the following areas:

  • Identifying top priorities for strategic focus
  • Clarifying your offerings’ value proposition for target customer segments
  • Developing framework for marketing, sales, and organization structure
  • Projecting financial commitment needs and income potentials
  • Assessing potential risks and their mitigation, and a potential exit strategy

Market Research & Feasibility Assessment

Robust, fact-based market research lays a strong foundation for you to uncover new growth opportunities and revenue streams, and to assess how feasible it is to launch or grow your ideas. CiTTA offers research and analysis services tailored to your specific industry and needs in the following areas:

  • Customer insight through interviews, focus groups, surveys
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Market trends analysis
  • Competitive analysis and assessment
  • Feasibility assessment

Go-To-Market Implementation

Once there is clarity and confidence with your new or improved business model, strategy and plans, we will ensure their successful launch and continued growth. CiTTA is experienced in providing all the key pieces needed for effective go-to-market implementation, so that you can see your vision go from idea to market launch:

  • Developing marketing and communications platforms and campaigns
  • Strategic website design and development
  • Tracking effectiveness of marketing tactics and adapting via active-learning
  • Evaluating the social impact achieved to ensure the initiative stays mission-focused